Benefits of wrestling training:

  • Wrestling training burns fat and develop lean muscle mass.
  • Strengthens all the major muscle groups
  • Improves flexibility, balance, agility, and speed, both on and off the mat
  • Improves muscular strength and endurance
  • The perfect compliment to well-rounded MMA training

In mixed martial arts, having a good ground game is essential. Our instructors pride themselves on their ground game, and wrestling plays a big part. Head Instructor of wrestling is a three time collegiate All-American and national champion in wrestling, as well as a high school state and national champion.

Whether you want to train in wrestling to get in shape, hone your skills in the off-season, or become a professional fighter, our coaches will cater their instruction to your goals. Take the first step toward joining the best wrestling school in Chicagoland. Fill out the contact form and start changing your body and mind.

Wrestling history

Origins of wrestling can be traced back to the Olympic Games in 648 BC where participants engaged in pankration, a fusion of wrestling and boxing. The first written records occur in Homer’s Iliad during the Trojan War, which took place circa 1194 to 1184 BC.

Greco-Roman wrestling has been an Olympic sport ever since the modern summer games in 1908. Freestyle wrestling originated in Great Britain and the United States, and has been in the Olympics since the 1904 games in St. Louis, Missouri. Collegiate wrestling is also popular, but differs in a number of ways from freestyle and Greco-Roman.

Wrestlers use grappling techniques, including clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks and pins. However, a wide variety of techniques, styles and rules exist in historic and modern wrestling.

Many of the most successful MMA fighters today use their strong wrestling backgrounds in order to employ takedowns and submission techniques.

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