“You don’t have to be a fighter to look like one.”

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Jeff lost 112 pounds at age 14
Before                                                                                                    After
young_jeff1 young_jeffbefore young_jeffafter

Lisa lost 20 pounds
Before                                        After
20pounds_bfr 20pounds

Ryan lost 110 pounds
Before                                                                                                                        After
110before ryan2   110after photoryan2

“Jeff, I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help.” –  Ricardo Lamas UFC fighter.
(Ranked 2nd in the world)
ricardo ricardo2 rick
Jeff Neal cornering Ricardo Lamas in Las Vegas

Kara lost 15 pounds
karanew karanew2 karanew2


Adrian Clayborn Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“After the 2013 season I took time off to relax and recover. After training with Jeff for only a month, I feel like I’m in shape enough for this coming seasons training camp! Thats not until June.”
photo fb2photo photo94

“Jeff knows how to get professional fighters and non fighters in shape and on weight”
– Darren Elkins UFC fighter (5 fight win streak)
darren darren darren2

Joe lost 95 pounds
Before                                  After
jo_before jo_after1   jo_after2

At age 63 Loraine lost 7 pounds in 7 days.
“Dan is in great shape at age 41!!”
John age 50
loraine dan john

Jim lost 50 pounds at age 18
“I’ve never looked or felt this great in my life!”
Before                                                                        After
jim2 jim3 jim

“If you want to get ripped like me, or just lose some weight. Jeff Neal will get you there.” – Jay Gonzalez
jay photo

“The workouts are fun, challenging, and never get boring. I’m in the greatest shape of my life! The MMA workouts are taught by professional fight coaches which provide self defense techniques that are important to a woman.”

porra abs_zilla ad_abs

Sherman lost 85 pounds
Before                                   After
sherm_before sherm_after1 sherm_after2

Pablo lost 90 pounds
Before                                              After
photo photo1

Nate lost over 35 pounds
Before                                                                                                    After
jeffold nate_old photo