Benefits of boxing training:

  • Boxing lessons stimulate all muscle groups by combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise
  • Boxing instruction improves stamina, coordination and muscular endurance
  • Knowing how to defend yourself builds confidence which transitions to life outside the gym.
  • Boxing relieves stress. Many people find boxing training, such as hitting a heavy bag or a speed bag at a boxing school or boxing gym to be a great way to relieve stress after a long day.


Carlson Gracie has the most respected boxing instructors in the Chicago area. Their experience is unsurpassed—you will not find a better boxing school. Our coaching staff is comprised of Arnold’s champions as well as Golden Glove Boxing Champions, and they are USA Boxing Certified, too. Chicago MMA trainning has given numerous seminars and self-defense classes to corporations, women’s associations, kids groups and even law enforcement precincts.

Our boxing gyms are well-equipped featuring full mixed martial arts cages and/or boxing rings, large mat spaces to hold sizeable classes, and plenty of training bags and pads. No matter your age, level of experience, or degree of physical fitness, Chicago MMA trainning provides boxing classes that will be an excellent fit for you!

The team at our Carlson Gracie Fight Team invites everyone who is looking for a change to come in and reap the benefits of our school—lose weight, increase your endurance, as well as increase your confidence and focus. We welcome you to fill out the form below and seize this life-changing opportunity.

Boxing history

Boxing is perhaps the oldest hand-to-hand combat sport, with the first record appearing in Homer’s Iliad (ca. 675 BC). It was popularized in ancient Rome, both as an athletic sport and a gladiatorial exhibition, where fighters, usually criminals or slaves, would use leather straps over their knuckles and forearms for protection. It became an Olympic sport circa 688 BC.

Boxing involves two participants of similar weight, duking it out with only their fists. Today, boxing is supervised by a referee and typically consists of one to three-minute rounds. A bout is won by Knockout (KO), where an opponent is unable to get off the mat after ten seconds, a Technical Knockout (TKO) where an opponent is too injured to continue, or a decision by the judges’ scorecards.

Boxing has evolved to include numerous styles from all over the world. Boxers have a variety of different fighting styles, stances, defenses and punches. The techniques learned in boxing are often at the core of many fighters’ training.

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