Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training:

  • MMA training will help you stay in shape, look and feel better, and be able to defend yourself.
  • You will grow stronger—both physically and mentally.
  • Improves reaction time, balance, coordination and muscular endurance
  • Contrary to what some believe, MMA classes do not teach violence. It is a form of self-defense that can be applied in real-life situations. It promotes self-control, discipline and focus. 

Our coaches are the best, most experienced, and most decorated champions in the Chicagoland area—bar none. Our coaches and top students are black belts, Golden Glove Boxing Champions, Jiu-Jitsu champions, Arnold’s Champions, USA Boxing Certified Coaches, professional MMA fighters as well as U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductees. They have given mixed martial arts seminars to corporations, the armed forces such as the Marines, Air Force, Army, and FBI, as well as state, county and local law enforcement officers.

I have seen my son grow leaps and bounds in 1 month. Just to mention a few life lessons: his homework is completed before I pick him up on practice days. He is more respectful in regards to following directions and most importantly his confidence is much higher in all aspects of life.  

The knowledge and teaching style is second to no one. After hearing you tell your students, ‘There are no bad students only bad instructors’ I was sold! My wife, son and I saw this firsthand when we went to the recent fight challenge. The Evolution team went 3 Wins and 0 losses, against some of Illinois and Indiana’s best fighters.  

Terry Eberhart, Proud Father

Our facility has a full mixed martial arts cage, mat space to accommodate any size class, and plenty of training bags and pads. No matter what age or skill level you are, Evolution MMA has the right program for you. We offer more than 25 classes per week. Come experience the success of over 1,000 combined MMA coaching victories. Change your body, become and a more confident person, and defeat all the non-believers. Fill out the contact form to take a step toward changing your life.

MMA history (Mixed Martial Arts)

MMA grew out of the vale tudo (no holds barred) style of fighting. The roots of mixed martial arts can be traced back to various mixed style contests that took place throughout Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim during the early 1900s. While different forms of unorganized, no-rules, unarmed combat predate history, civilization and the human species itself (apes have been observed engaging in hand-to-hand combats), the earliest documented, organized, minimal-rules fighting event was the ancient Greek pankration, which was introduced into the Olympic Games in 648 B.C.

In the last twenty years, MMA has seen an incredible growth in popularity due to organizations like the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Strikeforce, and World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC). MMA blends various standing and striking techniques such as Muay Thai and traditional boxing, as well as ground fighting techniques from judo, jiu-jitsu and wrestling. MMA utilizes a vast array of combat techniques to knock out or cause an opponent to submit. A well-rounded MMA fighter possesses the ability to strike as well as grapple and defend.

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